Ebay Motors AHDRA Fall Shoot-Out

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After considerable efforts, the AMRA and the AHDRA administrations have hashed out all of the details that should make the 31st Jim McClure Nitro World Finals in Rocking, NC what will be the largest V-Twin drag racing event in recent history. On October 28-30, 2022, both sanctions will be present to compete in a combined race that is sure to be one that the fans won’t want to miss.

A lot of last minute logistic, financial and sanction subjects needed to be addressed to make it happen. This was done with careful planning to reach the goal of making it as easy as possible on ALL the racers and still respect the integrity of each sanction along with keeping all the important “behind the scenes” details covered.

Racers will sign up for the series in which they desire awarded points (one or both). All motorcycles not currently teched by AMRA will be inspected according to the AMRA 2022 rulebook. While many of the classes maintain the same ruleset across sanctions, there are minor differences in some of the heads-up classes which need to be met to keep the competition fair.

The complete class list is shown below and the rulebooks can be found online at



Heads-Up Classes

Top Fuel, Nitro Funny Bike, Pro Fuel, Pro Gas, Pro Mod, Modified, Outlaw Street, Hot Street, Super Street, Pro Dresser, Street Dresser

Index Classes

S/E 11.50, P/E 10.90, S/P 10.30, S/G 9.90, T/E 9.30, Eliminator

A sponsor, who has requested to remain anonymous, has agreed to subsidize all AMRA membership costs for current AHDRA members that wish to attend this race and do not currently hold a valid membership in both organizations. A racer not belonging to either organization will be required to purchase an AMRA membership and register to race accordingly.

Points will be awarded depending on which sanction the competitor has registered to race under ie. AMRA, AHDRA or Both. All tech fees from both sanctions will be combined to subsidize the common purse provided by Rockingham Dragway.

As the date grows near, any additional subjects or concerns that arise will be addressed and information released ASAP. This is an unprecedented move and we would like everyone to keep in mind the reason for doing so is to benefit the entire V-Twin Drag Racing sport so that we can increase our sport’s visibility and give the fans a show like they’ve never seen.